Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You say Hawaii, I say Hawadii

We just got back from a week long vacation in Hawaii or as Josie says, Hawadii. While pictures say a 1,000 words, the words out of Josie's mouth crack me up. Here are some of her best quotes on the trip.
  • "I figured out why my poops stopped, because there is no snow in Hawadii. Snow makes me poop."
  • After day two..."I love it in Hawadii, I'm never going back to Des Moines."
  • "Mommy your tummy is so cute. I like it when you keep brothers in your tummy so we can have peanuts."
  • Upon hearing a commercial for Cougar Town... "Dad, do you like Cooter Town?!"
  • After receiving her ukelele as a souvenir... "My mom and dad love me so much, that's why they bought me a ukelele. Some kid's parents don't love them."
  • When she was waiting for Richard to show up to give her a temporary tattoo, "I'm NEVER gonna get a TATTOO!"
  • 5 minutes later..."Raise your hand if you have a tattoo!!!!"
  • When a bird pooped on Douglas the balloon artist, "I know why that bird pooped on Douglas. Birds think people are toilets."
Here are a few pictures too...just incase Josie didn't do Hawadii justice.

Waikiki Beach
Flying Jos
Sunset on Waikiki Beach

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Quinn's Mom said...

That is now 8 more reasons why I love that girl.